TXP Retrofit Solutions

The latest DSL or FTTP equipment has arrived, and your business is counting on this new revenue source, but you have some major hurdles to overcome; how will you integrate the new architecture on top of your existing network, or how are you going to install the new system?

A new OSP cabinet seems like a great idea, until you start working out the costs: new cabinet, new concrete pad, renegotiated right-of-ways, renegotiated AC service, two weeks of crane and temporary cabinet rental, shipping – all eating into your current budget and future profits.

New services can be turned up in a fraction of the time when reusing existing physical plant, helping service providers accelerate service revenues while maintaining a competitive edge.

TXP Retrofit Solutions enables Telecommunication Services Providers to leverage their existing Outside Plant (OSP) Cabinet investments. We develop and guarantee kits that enable the installation of new systems into your existing OSP cabinets. With experience and resources to deliver a true turn-key solution at a price that is usually 60-75% less than the cost of a new cabinet installation.

But what if you want to install the kit yourself? We can help there too. We can train your team on site during the first install. Once they learn all the details of the process, we will certify your installers, allowing them to continue to install that kit model in your network while maintaining your TXP guarantee.

Our toll-free support line is available for questions or troubleshooting. The day after the install, or a year later, we will stand behind our product.

Please call the TXP Retrofit Solutions group at 800.924.9650 if you have any questions.