TXP Launches New MBU/MDU Mounting Kits for 7200 Series ONTs

TXP Launches New MBU/MDU Mounting Kits for 7200 Series ONTs

New Kits Yield Major Improvement for FTTH Service Delivery to MDUs

RICHARDSON, TX–(MARKET WIRE)–Aug 22, 2007 — TXP (OTC BB:TXPO.OB – News), a leading provider of GPON Optical Network Terminal (ONT) solutions for service providers worldwide, announced a new set of Multi-Business Unit/Multi-Dwelling Unit (MBU/MDU) mounting kits designed to significantly lower installation costs and improve service in multi-tenant FTTP-based service delivery applications.

Building off the flexibility of TXP’s industry-leading Power Over Ethernet (PoE) powered 7200 series mini ONTs, the new kits enable the easy installation of multiple ONTs in higher density MBU/MDU applications. By converging ordinary Single-Family Unit (SFU) ONTs into an MBU/MDU bundle, service providers benefit from lower start up costs compared to expensive shelf-based units, and are provided with a wide range of ONTs with which to deliver the specific set of services required for each customer.

Each MBU/MDU kit includes all the necessary components to mount a number of 7200 series mini ONTs, including mounting and cable management hardware, enclosure and optional optical splitter. Various enclosures are available for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Powering a shelf-based MDU is often problematic for service providers, with landlords often not wanting to accept responsibility for the provision of bulk power. By using the data service cable, TXP’s PoE powering capability allows each individual ONT to be back-powered from an FTTP PowerHubTM UPS installed inside the subscriber’s home, relieving the service provider from installing additional power cabling while making each subscriber responsible for powering the ONT serving their home.

The demarcation point where the 7200-based MDU kit is located is optimally selected based on fiber location and inside wiring configurations. Wiring closets, where power is usually limited, now become a convenient location for TXP’s MDU to be installed.

“MDUs have proven to be the most problematic FTTP installations for services providers worldwide. The design and installation of FTTP in MDUs is still an expensive and complex undertaking because of different architectures, building materials, wiring configurations, powering issues, and the agendas of landlords, tenants, and carriers. ONT powering, battery backup, and battery maintenance add even further complexity,” says Michael C. Shores, TXP’s President and CEO. “Our new MDU kits enable any mix of our standard 7200 series SFU ONTs to be deployed as an MDU bundle, bypassing the traditional bottlenecks and expense for such deployments when using shelf-based MDUs. Each customer becomes responsible for providing their own power, it requires no additional power cabling and can be flexibly served with the specific services they require,” adds Shores.

Conventional MDU service delivery platforms also represent a traffic constriction point not present in typical FTTP delivery to single family homes. Shelf-based MDU platforms use complex traffic aggregation methods to enable a single PON feed to serve MDU dwellers, with the resultant service often being of lower grade because of traffic over-subscription. In contrast TXP’s ‘passive MDU’ configuration enables the carrier to deliver the same grade of service it delivers to the single family residence to the MDU dweller, and in the same manner.

TXP’s new MDU kits will be available starting Q4 this year.

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