TXP Texas Prototypes prototyping services are performed at our manufacturability laboratory in the High Tech Corridor located in Richardson, Texas. It is here where we leverage our design for manufacturability expertise and seamlessly release new products into production, helping our customers get their technology products into the market faster.

The components, subassemblies, and finished products manufactured by TXP Texas Prototypes incorporate advanced interconnect, miniaturization, and packaging technologies such as surface mount technology (SMT), multi-chip modules (MCM), ball grid array (BGA), and micro BGAs as well as chip scale packaging (CSPs).

For companies looking for prototype expertise in manufacturing a broad array of products ranging from high-volume PC motherboards to advanced communication and networking cards, TXP Texas Prototypes Electronics Assembly Services is your solution. We have combined advanced assembly processes, innovative techniques, along with highly skilled personnel resources, to excel in the development of advanced assembly technology.

The TXP Manufacturing Team has been together since 1998 when we began working as the prototyping arm of Flextronics, a Tier One EMS provider, where we specialized in PCBA, Optoelectronics and other complex packages and boards. This rich experience exposed our team to many different products and allowed the team to develop the prototyping expertise that they now make available to you. From the team’s inception we have worked with both OEMs and CMs to evolve the process for prototyping, new product development, and product transfer into volume production.

Our approach begins with focusing on the execution of the process because, “It’s all about execution.” We advocate an engineering support model by which we work closely with engineers to develop products quickly and correctly. Our processes enable the electronic industry’s OEMs and technology innovators to get to market faster with reduced cost and increased efficiency in new product technologies, allowing OEMS to focus on their core competencies in IP, product development, marketing, and branding while allowing their contract manufacturers of choice to focus on their core competencies in providing volume production at lower cost.

Our engineers have electrical engineering, process engineering, and manufacturing experience, so they can discuss projects with the design engineer, foresee potential problems, and make concrete suggestions for alternative approaches. Because our engineers worked within an EMS company, they understand the needs of the engineer in developing a new product, the demands placed on the EMS, and the requirements of the OEM.