Investor Information

TXP Corporation is an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for the communications industry. Based in Richardson, Texas, TXP has three primary business units: TXP Texas Prototypes, TXP Retrofit Solutions, and TXP ONT Solutions.

TXP Texas Prototypes provides pre-manufacturing services for the electronics industry that help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) bring products to market both faster and more cost effectively. The company excels in both global design and supply chain solution services for new product development, which include: prototyping and quick-turn electronic assembly; new product introduction; pilot production; material supply chain development; as well as the transfer of products into production.

TXP Retrofit Solutions provides custom engineering kits to enable ILEC’s (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers) to upgrade their local access service delivery infrastructure at minimum cost and time. TXP’s retrofit kits enable a wide range of next generation telecom platforms to easily fit into the variety of remote cabinets that have been broadly deployed by ILEC’s over the last 30 years.

TXP ONT Solutions comprises the former Siemens’ Optical Network Terminal (ONT) development team hired in late 2006. This group develops and markets via an (ODM) Original Design Manufacturing model a family of ONT products to both OEMs and ILECs to be private-label branded. The ONT technology terminates the passive optical network at the home or business location, and enables integrated voice, video and high-speed internet access.