Cabinet Upgrades

Over the years cabinets tend to get crammed with many additional network components as technology evolves for the delivery of new services. But extra equipment can often push a cabinet beyond its thermal limits, raising the internal temperature and reducing the reliability and working lifespan of the equipment inside. Not to mention the many expensive truck rolls to fix issues with equipment that is working outside or at the edge of its specified operational limits.

Cabinet parts also break or wear down; power systems become overloaded, and sometimes upgrade or replacement parts are no longer available from the original vendor. Yet a full system upgrade or cabinet replacement may not be necessary or even warranted at a given location.

What’s the solution?

Choose one of TXP’s many off-the-shelf upgrade solutions for existing outside plant cabinets. And if you need something that does not yet exist, we can custom tailor a solution for your specific needs.

Our upgrade solutions for existing cabinets include:

  • Cabinet specific fan trays for additional air flow and cooling
  • Generic or cabinet specific door mounted heat exchanger units
  • Cabinet ceiling damper actuator upgrade (from 12V to 48V design with alarms)
  • Cabinet specific rectifier upgrades including remotely manageable and redundant system designs
  • Generic of cabinet specific Hubbell upgrade kits for generator hookup
  • Cabinet specific battery trays for installation of additional battery capacity

But what if you want to install the kit yourself? We can help there too. We can train your team on site during the first install. Once they learn all the details of the process, we will certify your installers, allowing them to continue to install that kit model in your network while maintaining your TXP guarantee.

Our toll-free support line is available for questions or troubleshooting. The day after the install, or a year later, we will stand behind our product.